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Further Validation of the EDE-QS, a Short Version of the EDE-Q

Further validation of the EDE-QS, a short version of the EDE-Q (DClinPsy thesis; Kathleen Simon, Lucy Serpell)


The Eating Disorder Examination – Questionnaire Short (EDE-QS) was developed as a 12-item version of the Eating Disorder Examination Questionnaire (EDE-Q) with a 4-point response scale that assesses eating disorder (ED) symptoms over the preceding 7 days. To use the EDE-QS as a screening tool, further research is needed to confirm a cut-off point and establish norms in the community and replicate on a new larger and more diverse sample to further validate the measure. As NICE (2017) guidelines failed to identify a high-quality screening tool for eating disorders, it is important to develop a tool with good specificity and sensitivity which can be used to screen for EDs in a diverse population and contribute to the evidence base.


Further validation of the EDE-QS is needed in the general population, with a larger sample which would be better able to capture responses from diverse genders and gender identities, a range of ages, weight, and different genders. The aims are to determine its validity by comparing scores between different subgroups, those with and without eating disorder diagnoses and those who have a history of eating disorders.


We will recruit a large sample of cis and trans men and women as well as those who identify as non-binary or gender fluid from the general population and the BEAT eating disorder charity, and participants will complete the EDE-QS, as well as other questionnaires often used to screen for eating disorders to compare utility. Our study design is cross-sectional and between participants.