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Competence Framework for Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT)

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Welcome to the competence framework for Cognitive Analytic Therapy. This site gives open access to the framework and the curriculum, including background documentation that explains how the competences were developed, their content, and their application.

The competence framework details the core features of CAT and identifies what is necessary for CAT to be skilfully delivered in practice.

Its intended audience is not only Cognitive Analytic Therapists and trainers but those training in CAT, along with commissioners and managers and researchers Service users and carers may also find the documents useful in knowing what to expect in CAT.

It is a good idea to read the background document, which outlines the CAT model, explains how the competence framework was developed, and includes a guide to their content.

Access the background document here

There is also a description of CAT in non-technical language identifying what service users can expect from a therapist if they are offered CAT, which can be accessed here:

Access a description of CAT for service users HERE

Accessing and downloading the competence framework

There are two ways of accessing the competences:

1. You can download them from the map of competences (which you can access by clicking the image of the map below).

Access the framework map HERE

2. If you want to see all the competences in one document you can get access here:

Access all the competences in one document HERE