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Is my school eligible? 

We are looking for any schools with students within the 11-18-year-old age range that run an intervention focused on improving some aspect of psychological wellbeing or mental health. There are no strict rules on what this intervention should be. The intervention can be a 1:1 service that your school offers such as counselling, or something that is delivered to groups.  

What does it involve? 

  • Playing some games on their smartphone 

  • Answering some questions on a mobile app about their thoughts and feelings over the course of two 1-week periods 

  • Optional: coming into the lab and having an MRI brain scan while watching a movie 

  • Identifying students who can participate in this study and sharing consent forms with these students and their parents/guardians 

  • Arranging a time and place for the UCL team to come and run a 1-hour onboarding session for the students taking part in the study 

  • Ad-hoc liaising with the UCL team to ensure we have the necessary information, e.g. about the intervention your school is running  

What are the benefits of being involved? 

This is an opportunity for your school and your students to contribute to important research into how we can improve treatment outcomes for young people with mental health difficulties. Other benefits of being involved are: 

  • All young people will be compensated for their time participating in the study 

  • As a thank you for your participation, the UCL team is very happy to come and give a talk at your school about what we are studying in the lab or about a career in psychology more generally 

When and how can I get involved? 

We are actively recruiting schools now and are looking for schools to start at the beginning of the next school term. The study will continue throughout the next two academic years and schools can be involved for as many terms as they want throughout this time period. 

If you are interested in hearing more and potentially signing up to this study, please sign up to receive further information (this does not commit you to taking part in the study, and you can withdraw your interest at any point). If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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