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Mircea Zlotean

Mircea Zlotean

I am an experimental psychology researcher interested in nonverbal communication, emotions, and deception detection. My research focuses on the behavioural cues used to ascertain if people are being truthful or deceptive. My work involves the effect of adopting specific postures in interpersonal communication, differences in judgements and perceptions made alone or in groups, the production of deceptive facial expressions, and improving interrogation practices. 

The project I am currently engaged in looks at the role digital identity has on our interactions with others in sharing economies. We are investigating the role of trust and reputation on such online platforms, seeing how various social factors influence our decision-making relating to such economic transactions. Unlike face-to-face interaction online we have less information about the people we are interacting with and less security than if interacting with an established business; thus, our initial perception of others can carry significant weight in how we interact with them. Through various behavioural experiments we aim to uncover the impact that social information has on our perception of the trustworthiness of others and on their digital reputation within the realm of sharing economies.

email: mircea@eyethink.org

twitter: @mzloteanu

website: https://mz555.github.io/