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Feedback on BCTTv1


BCTTv1 was developed with the understanding that, in a few years, feedback from international users would lead to the development of BCTTv2.

In order to inform this development, we encourage users of BCTTv1 to submit information about their experiences within this portal. We would be grateful for any feedback and suggestions you have, including:

  • Additional BCTs not in BCTTv1
  • Amendments to labels or definitions of specific BCTs
  • BCTs found to be difficult to use
  • Reliability data
  • General suggestions for improvement

We are also interested in any Adaptations or Translations of BCTTv1:

With many thanks for your contribution.  All those submitting information considered by the future reviewing consortium will be acknowledged.  We anticipate data will be formally reviewed in 2017.

Best wishes,

The BCTTv1 Team.