UCL Psychology and Language Sciences


Research Team

Principal Investigator: Hans van de Koot (UCL)

Consultant: Claudia Felser (University of Essex)

Postdoctoral Researchers: Renita Silva, Mikako Sato

Van de Koot has worked extensively on A’- and A-scrambling. His work with Neeleman (UCL) in this area (Neeleman & Van de Koot 2008, in preparation; Neeleman & et al. 2009) provided the motivation for the present application.

Felser is a very experienced linguist and psycholinguist with an extensive track-record of high-quality outputs and experience using the CMP technique (e.g. Nakano et al. 2002, Felser & Roberts 2007).

Silva and Sato will be responsible for carrying out the planned psycholinguistic experiments.