UCL Psychology and Language Sciences


Advisory Board - student members

Student members work on our programme strategy and have input into all our projects.

Student Advisory Board

Photo of Andi Carstensen


Andrea Carstensen

International, social and political studies student, UCL

Josh Egginton

Anthropology student, UCL

Photo of Cate
Photo of Annie

Cate Goldwater-Breheny

Medical student, Imperial

Annie Hata

Psychology student, UCL


Bethan Hoggan

ESPS student, UCL

Katarina Krajnovic

Psychology student, UCL


Cephas Mensah (alumni member)

Applied medical sciences graduate,UCL

Aiyi Mian

Arts & sciences student, UCL

Photo of Eden
Photo of Fera

Eden Nabiyou (alumni member)

Orthoptics graduate, UCL

Fera Setyani

Engineering research student, UCL


Megan Walker

Psychology student, UCL