UCL Psychology and Language Sciences


Srishti Agarwal

Student Advisory Board member; MBBS student, UCL


My name is Srishti (she/her) and I am currently in my third year of Medicine at UCL and have chosen to intercalate in Psychology. This year, I have enjoyed being director for UCL’s very own ‘Medics4Medics’- a peer-based mental health society which aims to provide a safe space to discuss often stigmatised issues relevant to medical students.  

Having spent time studying two courses at university, I have seen the collective challenge students face with their mental health and wellbeing, and therefore recognise the importance of destigmatising and improving support. I am particularly interested in the mental health experiences of BAME students and staff and have recently explored this area as a co-host for the student podcast ‘Beyond the Hype’. With the recent shift to online teaching and multiple lockdowns, supporting all students and their unique experiences through this unprecedented time is crucial. As part of PsychUp for Wellbeing, I am eager to focus on the mental health impacts of COVID-19 as well as contribute to efforts made to provide good online resources. 

Listen to Srishti's podcast here.