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Lyndsey Li

PhD student

lyndsey li phd student

After graduating from the BSc Psychology course at UCL in 2020, I am now a first-year PhD student at the Clinical, Educational and Health Psychology department. My PhD focuses on understanding the mental health difficulties of and improving treatment outcomes for Chinese young people and adults.

I started my journey with PsychUP for Wellbeing since my undergraduate dissertation working on the IMPACTS project aimed to gain a preliminary understanding on barriers for Chinese international students to seek mental health support and their attitudes towards digital services. It is really exciting that PsychUP for Wellbeing has made it possible for us students to work together to shed light on our fellow students’ university experiences. I have since then been working with the team on various projects hoping to better understand and potentially improve the mental health wellbeing for Chinese international students who are currently underrepresented in the use of mental health services