UCL Psychology and Language Sciences


Kirsty Nisbet

Research & Evaluation Coordinator

kirsty nisbet

I started at UCL and with PsychUP for Wellbeing in May 2019, as the Research & Evaluation Coordinator. I’m really interested in research to try and improve people’s mental health and access to support, specifically focusing on young people having studied for a MSc in Children and Young People’s Mental Health. Before staring at UCL, I also had the opportunity to support young people’s wellbeing directly through roles as a Support Worker and Children’s Befriender.

I’m particularly passionate about involving people in research through coproduction. Working at PsychUP for Wellbeing has been a fantastic opportunity to see coproduction in action. I believe that meaningful collaboration with students can ensure research and service development is truly led by and relevant for students themselves, so that efforts to address mental health are driven by what students want and need.

Projects within PsychUP for Wellbeing that I work on are:

  • The IMPACTS Peer Research Project
  • Improving Student Life survey
  • SENSE survey
  • Pathways and Outcomes Evaluation project