UCL Psychology and Language Sciences


Dr Rob Saunders

Data Analyst

rob saunders

I am a Senior Research Associate, having worked at UCL for over 12 years. Over this time, I have developed an interest in the use of data to better understand mental health, how it impacts an individual’s life, and whether this information can be used to personalise support provided. This includes the development of measures to identify needs and symptoms, as well as evaluating the impact of potential interventions and understanding what works best for which individuals.

I have considerable experience providing data analytic support and leading evaluations of healthcare interventions at both local and national levels, across physical and mental health. This has involved the use of big as well as complex datasets, ranging from clinical trials to routinely collected clinical data.

For PsychUP for Wellbeing I support a number of projects involving complex data analysis to understand the mental health and wellbeing needs of students, as well as evaluating interventions to improve these. Through this work I hope that we can provide an opportunity for all students to have a great experience during their time at university.

Find out more about Rob's work via Researchgate or IRIS.