UCL Psychology and Language Sciences


Professional Collaborators

NHS Integration Operational Group (IOG)

Josh Buckman
 Claire Elliott

Owen Bowden-Jones

Addiction Service Lead, CNWL NHS Trust. Honorary Professor, UCL

Josh Buckman

Lecturer in Clinical Psychology & Clinical Effectiveness, UCL

Yasmeen Daoud

Welfare & International Officer, UCL SU

Dr Claire Elliott

GP, Ridgmount Practice

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Barry Keane

Hilary Grater

Deputy Clinical Lead, iCope

Lucy Jackson

Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist, iCope

Lina Kamenova

Deputy Director, Student Support & Wellbeing, UCL 

Dr Barry Keane

Acting Head, UCL Student Psychological and Counselling Services

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denise long
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Nellia Kornilova

BA student, UCL

Judy Leibowitz

Service Lead, C&I NHS Trust

Denise Long

Director, Student Support & Wellbeing, UCL 

Dr Aeli Roberts

Professorial Teaching Fellow, UCL

Karen Smith
thomas steare
Simon To

Karen Smith

Head of Workplace Wellbeing, UCL

Thomas Steare

PhD student, UCL


Simon To

Leadership, Development & Change Manager, UCL


Research Topic Experts

Jo Billings
Prof Val Curran
Sandra Obradovic

Dr Jo Billings 

Clinical Associate Professor, Division of Psychiatry, UCL

Prof. Owen Bowden-Jones 

Addiction Service Lead, CNWL NHS Trust. Honorary Professor, UCL

Prof. Val Curran 

Director, Clinical Psychopharmacology Unit, UCL

Dr Sandra Obradović 

Lecturer, Open University

Prof Essi Viding
debbie lai

Prof. Essi Viding 

Professor of Developmental Psychopathology, UCL

Debbie Lai

Honorary Senior Research Associate, UCL


Sheffield Research Clinic and SPEQS (Student Services Partnerships Evaluation and Quality Standards) partners

Michael Barkham
Claire Bone
Emma Broglia
Gillian Hardy

Prof. Michael Barkham

Professor of Clinical Psychology

Dr Claire Bone

Clinical Psychologist 

Dr Emma Broglia

Research & Policy Coordinator

Prof. Gillian Hardy

Director, Clinical Psychology Unit

Louise Knowles
Dr Mel Simmonds-Buckley

Louise Knowles

Head of Counselling & Psychological Wellbeing Service

Dr Mel Simmonds-Buckley

Research Associate


Survey research

Lisa Calderwood smiling
claire callender
emla fitzsimmons
gemma lewis

Dr Lisa Calderwood

Survey Practitioner, Centre for Longitudinal Studies, UCL

Prof. Claire Callender

Professor of Higher Education Studies, UCL

Prof. Emla Fitzsimons

Professor of Economics, Centre for Longitudinal Studies, UCL

Dr Gemma Lewis

Lecturer, Division of Psychiatry, UCL

glyn lewis
tayla mccloud
sally mcmanus
praveetha patalay

Prof. Glyn Lewis

Professor of Epidemiological Psychiatry, UCL

Tayla McCloud

PhD student, Division of Psychiatry, UCL

Sally McManus

Associate, NatCen Social Research

Dr Praveetha Patalay

Associate Professor, Centre for Longitudinal Studies, UCL