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Prof Daniel Richardson

Prof Daniel Richardson

Professor of Experimental Psychology

Experimental Psychology

Div of Psychology & Lang Sciences

Joined UCL
1st Jul 2008

Research summary

My research investigates how internal cognitive processes are grounded in the body, the environment and the social world. In the standard information processing accounts of cognition, the theoretical model is of a cognitive system that thinks and acts in isolation. Accordingly, laboratory experiments quarantine subjects away from a social context.  In my research, I find that a rich interaction between cognitive, perceptual-motor and social factors plays out in the body and eye movements of people perceiving the world, acting upon it, and communicating with each other.

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Teaching summary

I teach Evidence and Enquiry, an introduction to ideas and methods in psychology


Cornell University
Doctorate, Doctor of Philosophy | 2003
University of Oxford
First Degree, Bachelor of Arts | 1997


Daniel C. Richardson is a Professor of Experimental Psychology at University College London. Prior to that, he was an undergraduate at Magdalen College, Oxford, a graduate student at Cornell, a postdoctoral researcher at Stanford, and an assistant professor at UC Santa Cruz. His research examines how individuals' thought processes are related to the people around them. He has authored many scientific articles in cognitive, developmental and social psychology and two popular science books, Man vs Mind and A Dummies Guide to Social Psychology. He has received three Provost's Teaching Awards from UCL, and has performed shows at the London Science Museum and Bloomsbury theatre combining science, music and live experiments on the group mind of the audience.