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PALS Green Impact Team visited WWT London Wetland Centre

14 November 2022

Find out what the PALS Green Impact Team have been up to and what their plans are for the coming year.

An image of trees over a pond at London Wetland Centre

A day trip to the WWT London Wetland Centre

On Tuesday 8th November 2022, the PALS Green Impact Team met at the The London Wetland Centre with an aim to explore wildlife and nature in the heart of their home town.

The centre is a wetland reserve and an oasis for wildlife and visitors in the heart of London. Located in Barnes, in the London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames.

The 100 acreas of wetland used to be formed of 4 disused Victorian reservoirs, which were converted to a place of tranquility for wetland creatures, and opened in 2000.

A swan swimming

The team enjoyed seeing wildlife including otters, heron, swans and winter ducks. There are many more birds and wildlife to spot including the short-eared owl or the water rail. 

PALS Green Impact Team at London Wetland Centre

If you want to see the Wetland Centre lit up in the evening, you can visit their Illuminature exhibition on between 18th November 2022 – 8th January 2023. 


A pledge to #MyNextStep: to live more in harmony with our environment

Finally, to round off the day, the team recorded pledges in support of a new PALS campaign called #MyNextStep.

The campaign will be launched by PALS Green Impact student sustainability representative, Tobias Nash on PALS Instagram on Wednesday 16th November 2022.

In his recent blog piece on the UCL Brain Science’s Sustainability Blog, Toby explains the significance of the campaign:

“The #mynextstep campaign…is about creating a culture of moving forward and living more in harmony with our environment day by day and step by step.”

Toby Nash is also a photographer and filmmaker for an upcoming documentary all about solving environmental issues. Read the whole article on UCL Brain Science’s Sustainability Blog to find out more about his work.


PALS Green Impact Team's upcoming projects

The PALS Green Impact Team were recognised once again at this year's UCL Sustainability Awards 2022. After 9 consecutive years being named UCL's Greenest department, the team's ambitions are not wavering.

Goals for the coming year include:

Find out more about past achievements and stay up to date with the group's activities on the PALS Green Awareness page.


Photography credit: PALS Linguistics student, Kimmy Wang.