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Dr John Barry explores psychological aspects of men and boys in new book

27 April 2021

In ‘Perspectives in Male Psychology: An Introduction’ psychologist Dr John Barry and Louise Liddon take a fresh look at various aspects of the psychology of men and boys.

John Barry

In August 2018, members of the British Psychological Society (BPS) voted for the creation of a Male Psychology Section.

“The need for this Section was clear to anyone who knew that important issues – such as high rates of male suicide and substance abuse, and the poor educational achievement of boys compared to girls – were surprisingly underexplored in the BPS and elsewhere’, explained Dr Barry, honorary lecturer in psychology with UCL’s Division of Psychology & Language Sciences.

Anyone interested in these issues will be delighted to hear that the first of series of textbooks on male psychology is being released on 21st May, published by Wiley. Perspectives in Male Psychology: An Introduction is written by the two members of the BPS Male Psychology Section Committee, John Barry and Louise Liddon. John Barry is the current Chair of the Section.

Drawing upon social, evolutionary, biological and humanistic perspectives, this introductory textbook covers an impressive range of topics from child development, education, sport and exercise, the workplace, crime, the military, health and wellbeing, mental health, therapy to masculinity and sex differences in aspects of psychology. Perspectives marks a different approach to the view of men’s psychology often found in the media, which tends to rely on social constructionist explanations for men’s behaviour. Filling a gap in the psychology curriculum, the balanced scientific approach and accessible writing style will appeal to undergraduates and lecturers alike.

Perspectives in Male Psychology: An Introduction is the first in a series of Wiley textbooks on this topic, and future textbooks will dive deeper into the topics covered in the introductory book.