UCL Psychology and Language Sciences


Upcoming Conference Presentations

31 August 2016

  • Nathan Klinedinst, Yasuatada Sudo, Wataru Uegaki and Patrick Elliott at NELS 47,  UMass Amherst, 14-16 October

'Predicates of relevance and theories of question embedding'

'Cumulative readings beyond nominals' (with Andrea Nicolae- ZAS)

'NPI licensing in peripheral modifiers' (with Gary Thomas- University of Glasgow)

'Explaining explain: embedded declaratives as modifiers'

  •  A number of researchers from the Linguistics department will be presenting their work at the Architectures and Mechanisms for Language Processing (AMLaP) conference in Bilbao, Spain, on September 1-3, 2016.

· “Eye-tracking evidence for active gap-filling regardless of dependency length” by Yangzi Zhou (former MA Linguistics student), Rosanna Todd (former BA Linguistics student) & Wing-Yee Chow

· “Cooperation and Quantity Implicatures” by Giulio Dulcinati & Nausicaa Pouscoulous

· “Through the eyes of a teenager: Real-time Theory of Mind inferences in language comprehension” by Irene Symeonidou, Heather J. Ferguson, Iroise Dumontheil, Wing Yee Chow & Richard Breheny

· “What would a compositional hearer do? - controlling for prior expectations in visual world timecourse studies” by Chao Sun & Richard Breheny

Please see the conference website for further information.