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Speech Science Forum - Kate Slade (Lancaster)

20 October 2022, 4:00 pm–5:30 pm

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Ageing, hearing loss, and the brain

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Justin Lo


As we age, certain health concerns including hearing loss, depression, social isolation, and dementia can increase in prevalence. Many of these conditions may well exacerbate one another, for example hearing loss is internationally recognised as a potentially modifiable risk factor for dementia. Difficultly in hearing, due to auditory system damage or interference by environmental noise, may drain limited brain recourses, due to increased effort required for listening. Increased strain on resources may in turn impact brain function more generally, providing some explanation for the changes to brain anatomy and function observed in age-related hearing loss. In this talk, we will explore the relationship between age-related hearing loss and brain function in ageing, drawing on both research from our Neuroscience of Speech and Action laboratory, and the wider field.

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Kate Slade

at Lancaster University

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