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Speech Science Forum 10th June - Prof. Alice Turk

10 June 2021, 4:00 pm–5:00 pm

Please join us on 10th June for a talk delivered by Prof. Alice Turk titled "Representations and Processes in Speech Production".

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Dr. Antony Scott Trotter – Speech, Hearing and Phonetic Science

Title: Representations and Processes in Speech Production


In this talk I will discuss fundamental differences in models of speech sound production that derive from (1) differences in theories of phonological representation and (2) differences in theories of the relationship between phonological representation and surface sound production.

I will present evidence supporting models of speech production based on symbolic phonological representations, and will discuss features of these models required to account for systematic variability in different contexts. This evidence comes primarily from studies of speech timing behaviour.

About the Speaker

Prof. Alice Turk

Prof. of Linguistic Phonetics at University of Edinburgh

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