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Speech Science Forum 1st October - Dr. Eleanor Lawson

01 October 2020, 4:00 pm–5:00 pm

Seeing Speech and Dynamic dialects – building and extending vocal-tract-imaging resources for use in Phonetics/Language teaching and Speech Therapy

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Dr. Antony Scott Trotter – Speech, Hearing and Phonetic Science


This talk will cover the construction of two online teaching and study resources www.seeingspeech.ac.uk and www.dynamicdialects.co.uk, that use medical imaging techniques to look inside the vocal tract during speech. I will talk about the motivation for creating the resources, describe the construction process and vocal-tract imaging techniques involved, and talk about recent additions to the resources and future plans.

About the Speaker

Dr. Eleanor Lawson

Senior Research Fellow at Queen Margaret University and the University of Glasgow

In 2007 Eleanor came to Queen Margaret University to undertake ultrasound-based sociophonetic research into /r/-loss in Scottish English, and has alternated between lecturing at Queen Margaret University and the University of Glasgow and carrying out speech research using Ultrasound Tongue Imaging (UTI). Since 2011, Eleanor has obtained funding for four major UTI-based research projects at Queen Margaret University and the University of Glasgow.

Eleanor has been at the forefront of developing the potential of UTI in sociolinguistic research and also in developing methods to improve standardization of recording settings and normalization of UTI data. Eleanor has also pioneered the production of vocal-tract-imaging-based teaching resources for students of Phonetics, foreign language learners and Speech and Language Therapists, with the production of the Seeing Speech and Dynamic Dialects online resources. These resources allow users to view dynamic vocal-tract movement in both modelled and natural speech, imaged using UTI and MRI. These resources were the output of projects designed by Eleanor Lawson and involving collaboration between the University of Glasgow, Queen Margaret University, Napier University and University College London.

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