UCL Psychology and Language Sciences


Experimental Psychology Seminar - Ecological Learning- Adaptive selection of learning strategies across the lifespan

14 November 2017, 1:00 pm–2:00 pm

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Room 305, Bedford Way

 Speaker: Azzurra Ruggeri, Max Planck Research Group Berlin 

How do young children learn so much about the world so efficiently? This talk presents the results of recent studies investigating theoretically and empirically how children actively seek information in their physical and social environments as evidence to test and dynamically revise their hypotheses and theories over time. In particular, it will focus on how children adapt their active learning strategies, such as question-asking and explorative behaviour, in response to the task characteristics, to the statistical structure of the hypothesis space, and to the feedback received. Such adaptiveness and flexibility is crucial to learn in situations of uncertainty, when testing alternative hypotheses, making decisions, drawing causal inferences and solving categorisation tasks.