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EMSS London 2014

EMSS London 2014

The 1st EMSS Workshop

September 8-10th, 2014 

University College London

London, UK

The 1st EMSS Workshop

The rich array of morphosyntactic diversity specific to the South Slavic language area has long passed unnoticed, as it was nearly exclusively studied under the dialectal tradition. The combinatorial possibilities both within and across speakers in this area have only recently been recognised and theoretically captured thanks to the psycholinguistic study on Conjunct Agreement in Slovenian developed in Marušič et al. (2015). This psycholinguistic approach to variability in number and gender agreement, has proven to be a useful tool in charting the morphosyntax of these languages.  

The London 2014 Workshop of the EMSS project partners envision bringing together specialists on South Slavic languages in a discussion on how to utilize the psycholinguistic tools to study the languages of this area, how to enhance the psycholinguistic investigation of South Slavic languages and how to further the existing theoretical grounds based on the collected data. 

The Program features a masterclass on Dual and an invited lectures on Psycholinguistic/Experimental investigations of Coordination and Conjunct Agreement.


The programme of The 1st EMSS Workshop is now available. Download the programme (pdf). The 1st EMSS Workshop masterclass and lectures are open events.  All are welcome.


Andrew Nevins (UCL) : Mon. 11:30-13:00, G15
Partial Conjunct Agreement - Experiments and Typology. (pdf)

Lanko Marušič (University of Nova Gorica) : Mon. 16:30-18:00, Lecture Theatre 118 
A Masterclass on the Dual: Syntactic, semantic, and psycholinguistic properties. (pdf)

Roberto Zamparelli (University of Trento) : Tues. 16:30-18:00, Lecture Theatre 118   
Split Conjunctions, Abstract Nouns and Agreement. (pdf)


The 1st EMSS Project Meeting will be held at Chandler House, UCL.


Andrew Nevins (UCL), Lanko Marušič (University of Nova Gorica), Boban Arsenijević (University of Niš), Jana Willer-Gold (UCL) 

Email organisers at j.willer-gold@ucl.ac.uk.