UCL Psychology and Language Sciences


Current PhD Students

Sarah Chaney
"Self-Mutilation and Psychiatry: Impulse, Identity and the Unconscious in British Explanations of Self-Inflicted Injury, c. 1864 – 1914"

Vicente de Moura
"The practice of C. G. Jung and the influence of the Red Book"

Matei Iagher
“Religious emotions and the making of psychology of religion (1890-1950).”

Sarah Marks
“Psychiatric Knowledge on the Soviet Periphery: Concepts of Psychopathology in East Germany and Czechoslovakia in the Transnational Context, 1956-1976.”

Dee McQuillan
"A biography of James Strachey"

Andreas Sommer
"Crossing the boundaries of mind and science: Carl du Prel (1839-1899), psychical research, and the origins of modern psychology"

Emma Sutton
“William James and Psychopathology: Degeneration and Regeneration.”