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A one-stop-shop for professionals interested in applying cutting-edge behavioural science to real-world problems

The workshop

We offer a challenging and immersive learning experience, where you will be taught by UCL’s world-leading behavioural scientists. By the end of this workshop, you will be able to apply key insights to everyday contexts and problems in your organisation.

Topics covered

  • The power and limits of social influence
  • The rules of social relationships and why brands and organisations need to follow them
  • How to make better group decisions
  • Getting to grips with neuromarketing
  • Why everyone is biased and what you can do about it


2024 dates to be announced. 

Who's it for?

This workshop is aimed at people who:

  • Occupy consumer-facing roles.
  • Design behaviour-change interventions, including policy makers.
  • Work in advertising and brand-management.
  • Work in performance management, including human resources.

All attendees will receive a Certificate of Participation upon completion.


Please contact Changing Minds for more information on fees.


Celine Chew, Straits Interactive: "The inaugural program "Changing Minds" exceeded all expectations. The presenters/researchers were all fun, engaging. The content was interesting, relevant, more importantly current and provided food for thought."

Lindsay Schreiber: "This course was an excellent taster in bringing the worlds of cutting edge practical behavioural science and corporate life together! I highly recommend it!"

Kristen Hyde: "The Changing Minds: Influence course is perfect for professionals with a hunger for learning more about the psychology behind why people make choices. If you work in Marketing, Advertising, Human Resources, Legal - any role where you are working directly with people - you will benefit from this course's teaching in understanding how and why people tick."

Emily Palmer, Pulse: "I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It was fascinating, challenging and insightful from the very first piece of reading to the last session. There was a good variety of sources - articles, videos, case studies - and the online live sessions were engaging and enjoyable. It was clear that the trainers were experts in their field and had put a lot of thought and consideration into the sessions as well as the pre-reads and additional resources. The topics were complementary and gave a solid introduction to those that were new to the subject area, whilst still giving opportunities to those better versed to expand their knowledge and thinking. It was truly eye-opening and has changed the way I approach my work."