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Our team has expertise in several domains, including: decision-making under risk and uncertainty, behavioural economics, biased behaviour, diversity, equality and inclusion, causality, legal and economic decision-making, teamwork and collaboration, leadership, consumer neuroscience, ethics, communication and influence, collective behaviour and social relationships. 

Dr. Alicia Melis

Photo of Alicia Melis
Alicia Melis investigates the psychology supporting teamwork and prosocial behaviour. She works with children and with chimpanzees to explore how our social skills develop, and how insights from our closest-living primate relatives can inform our understanding of human behaviour.
Prof. Nichola Raihani

Nichola Raihani's research focusses on the intricacies of human social behaviour. She is author of The Social Instinct: What Nature Can Teach Us About Working Together; and has worked with several organisations, including JustGivingCentrepointInternational Hotel Group and Ogilvy.

Prof. Dave Lagnado 

Photo of Dave Lagnado
Dave Lagnado  studies how people make decisions in an uncertain and changing world, with a focus on causality. He has written two books, Straight Choices and Explaining the evidence: How the mind investigates the world. Dave has worked with US intelligence, UK government, and various financial and tech companies, such as BlackRock, Nokia and Huawei.
Prof. Lasana Harris

Lasana Harris explores how people think about other minds across several domains. His work has implications for legal and economic decision-making and is also highly relevant to issues of inclusion, equality and diversity in the workplace. He has worked with several organisations, including Public Health England, Unilever, the NAACP Legal Defence Fund, and the US Military.


Prof. Daniel Richardson

Photo of Daniel Richardson
Daniel Richardson's work examines how people's thought processes are related to those around them and how social context can affect behaviour. He is the author of two popular science books: Man vs Mind: Everyday Psychology Explained and Social Psychology for Dummies , and has helped companies such as Audible, Heineken, and Vue Cinema to understand consumer experience.
Dr. Stephen Dewitt

Stephen Dewitt studies how people reason, make decisions and solve problems both as individuals and in groups. He has worked with several organisations, including HM Land Registry and Southern Water.

Prof. Joe Devlin

Photo of joe Devlin
Joe Devlin received his PhD in artificial intelligence but found himself more interested in how human minds work, becoming a leading researcher in how the brain processes language. Companies Joe has worked with include Audible, CNN, JWT and Vue Cinema, and he runs regular workshops on neuroscience and consumer decision-making.
Prof. Adam Harris 

Adam Harris's  research focusses on effective decision-making, and communicating risk and uncertainty. He has worked with several organisations, including the British Geological Survey, the Food Standards Agency, the Football Association, the Met Office and DSTL.

Dr. John Hogan 

John Hogan
John Hogan  works on research projects with corporate clients aimed at improving our understanding of human judgement and decision making. With over 10 years of consultancy experience, John has provided research services for clients such as Virgin Media, Digitas, Leo Burnett, and MacClaren McCann.