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High Performing Teams

The workshop

What makes some teams more effective than others? We will explore the reasons why we behave like we do when we are with others, how different practices can improve team performance, and what interventions you, as a leader or member of a team, can make which will have a real impact on how your team works together.  

Topics covered

  •  The fundamentals of teamwork: insights from evolution, game theory and cognitive science
  • The power of dissent – why dissent is important for effective decision making in a group and how to enable it
  • The diversity paradox - the promise and pitfalls of diversity 
  • Effective leadership in teams
  • How to make better group decisions

We will share real life examples to show how various organisations have applied the science and include practical exercises to help you to observe and practice different techniques.


2024 dates to be announced.

Who's it for?

Individuals who lead teams, or are members of leadership teams, and who want to be able to:

  • Learn how to get more out of their team collectively
  • Help their team to make better group decisions
  • Get the best contribution from every team member

All attendees will receive a Certificate of Participation upon completion.

Alicia Melis

Alicia is Associate Professor in behavioural science and decision-making. Incorporating insights from psychology, behavioural economics and anthropology, she investigates the psychology supporting teamwork and prosocial behaviour. 

Nichola Raihani
Nichola is a Royal Society University Research Fellow and Professor of Evolution and Behaviour. She studies the evolution of social behaviour, and specifically focusses on the intricacies of human social behaviour. 

Stephen Dewitt
Stephen studies how people reason, make decisions and solve problems both as individuals and in groups. He has worked with many organisations to improve the quality and efficiency of decision making. 


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Pete Dyson, Department for Transport: "A brilliantly curated course, delivered with a lot of care and attention."