UCL Psychology and Language Sciences


Culture Change

A deep dive into bias, social norms and driving positive culture change

The workshop

Taught by UCL’s world-leading behavioural scientists, by the end of this in-person workshop, you will be able to apply key insights to support and develop culture change initiatives in your organisation.

Topics covered

  • The power of individuals to influence groups’ behaviour
  • The impact of social norms on organisational culture
  • How decisions are made in groups
  • The ways social biases affect organisational efficiency
  • Strategies to alleviate social biases beyond implicit bias training
  • Practical approaches to driving culture change within organisations

When & where

To be confirmed

Who's it for?

This workshop is aimed at anyone who is interested in understanding diversity and bias, and designing culture change initiatives in their organisation.
All attendees will receive a Certificate of Participation upon completion.


Prof Lasana Harris 
Professor Lasana  Harris is a cognitive neuroscientist and social psychologist who explores how people think about other minds. His research explores this crucial social cognitive ability in several domains. He has consulted with a range of public and private sector organisations, including Public Health England, Unilever, the NAACP Legal Defence Fund, and the US Military. Author of Invisible Mind: Flexible Social Cognition and Dehumanization (2017).
Prof Daniel Richardson 
Professor Richardson examines how individuals' thought processes are related to the people around them. Daniel has authored two popular science books: Man vs Mind and A Dummies Guide to Social Psychology; and has worked with companies such as Audible, Heineken, and Vue cinema, using physiological sensors and experimental techniques to understand consumer experience. Author of: Social Psychology for Dummies (2014) and Man vs. Mind: Everyday Psychology Explained (2017).


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Julie Arbuthnott: "Fantastic and inspiring day. Strong groundwork laid for understanding, then the added sparkle of usable tools!"

Andrea Stevenson, Deloitte: "A fascinating journey through individual and group behaviors and the factors that influence those, combined with practical tools to help drive behaviour change and effect culture change."

Former attendee: "The workshop was excellent.  Gave me real food for thought. Solid academic background and some good material for practical use."