UCL Psychology and Language Sciences


Essential Guidelines

As we try to keep the rules and regulations to a bare minimum, there are, however, a basic set of guidelines all users are expected to know and adhere to. 

These are as follows: 

  1. Only BUCNI-qualified scan operators are allowed to run the scanner. 
  2. Normal operating hours are Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 6 PM. During these hours, normal, healthy adult participants can be scanned by a single qualified operator. Outside these hours, a second, safety-trained person must be present when scanning. When scanning children (16 and under), patients, or other special populations there must be two qualified scan operators present. If you plan on scanning on weekends and holidays, please read the guidelines for scanning during those times. 
  3. Symptoms of illness: If you are feeling sick, don't come in! (This includes sniffles, gastric distress, cough, and fever).
  4. No participants can be scanned without prior, written ethical approval. Please note, phantom scanning does not require ethical approval. 
  5. All participants must have filled out an MRI Safety Screening form before entering the scanner environment. These must be filed in the box labeled FORM1 in the control room. 
  6. All participants must have completed a consent form prior to entering the scanner. 
  7. When scanning a participant or a phantom, the BUCNI logbook must be filled in. This is where their Patient ID is found. The process is very fast and easy. It is important that BUCNI has a record of all scanning that is done here. 
  8. When a participant is in the scanner, the scan operator can only leave the control room if another BUCNI-qualified scan operator (i.e. not a certified user) agrees to take over and replace them in the control room. 
  9. Always return the items and equipment back to their original locations and states. This includes making sure the equipment (Cogent PC, projectors, headphones, cushions, etc.) is completely ready to be used by the next operator. 
  10. Scanner bookings need to be canceled 48 hours or more before the booked time, otherwise, scanner hours will be charged for the canceled timeslot. Please be sure to cancel as early as possible. Repeated cancelations at the deadline may force us to adopt a stricter deadline. 
  11. There should be a minimum of 1 hour "open" time left between bookings in order for these to be generally usable. Groups that leave less than that will be charged for the unusable open time. 
  12. Specific rules apply when conducting media outreach projects
  13. All BUCNI users need to be subscribed to our JISCMail list as this is our way of communicating with the BUCNI community. 

These are only the most basic guidelines that we expect all BUCNI to know and adhere to. The complete set of guidelines is available in the BUCNI Manual.