UCL Psychology and Language Sciences


BUCNI Contact List

Here is a list of tasks and areas where you might need help or advice, along with the relevant contact person.




  • Urgent situations/emergencies during scanning
Please check the emergency contact list for phone numbers on the wall in the console rooms. 
Urgent Situations


  • Scanner or MRI water chiller malfunctions

Oliver Josephs 

  • Plumbing or electrical problems
Oliver Josephs and/or Joerg Magerkurth
  • Participant difficulties
Fred Dick
  • Broken/malfunctioning equipment 
Joerg Magerkurth and/or Simon Richardson
MRI safety and participant concerns
  • Medical questions (including suitability for scanning)
  • Incidental findings
Fred Dick
  • Medical Implant Screening
Joerg Magerkurth and Winnie Yeh 
  • DVDs and sleeves
  • Earplugs
  • Stationary 
  • Etc, 
Winnie Yeh
Stimulus presentation and monitoring
  • Monitors
  • Button Boxes
  • Physiological monitoring
  • Pulse trigger
Joerg Magerkurth
  • Projectors 
  • Eyetracker
Oliver Josephs
  • Electrical stimulator
  • Headphones/earbuds
Oliver Josephs and/or Simon Richardson
MRI Physics
  • Pulse sequence setup  
Oliver Josephs and/or Fred Dick
  • New device design and testing
Simon Richardson
  • Image reconstruction and artifacts
Oliver Josephs
Stimulus software and programming
  • Cogent PC 
Joerg Magerkurth
  • Matlab/ Psychophysics toolbox
  • Interface Programming
Letitia Schneider
Data transfer, connectivity, and storage
  • Data transfer and storage
  • Wifi and connections
  • Backup
Joerg Magerkurth
MRI training
  • User training
  • Operator training
  • Operator training certification
Letitia Schneider
  • Project proposals
  • Meeting times
  • Project maintenance on Calpendo
Winnie Yeh
Project planning and financial
  • Grant submissions
  • Letters of support
  • Funding questions
Fred Dick