UCL Psychology and Language Sciences


Miranda Brown - BSc Psychology

Miranda Brown studied a BSc in Psychology, graduating in 2014.

Miranda Brown

Job title: Market Intelligence Consultant
Employer: VisitBritain Research and Forecasting team

What is your fondest memory of your time here?

The social life at UCL is fantastic - there were so many ways to meet people and make friends, so those moments were the best. I met people through my course, at halls and in societies, so most nights of the week I could find something to do either at the pub, at someone's halls or going out in London. It was particularly cool to be able to go to the bars and gigs in Camden, even though we felt poor most of the time! 

Tell us a bit about the work you’re doing now...

I monitor and analyse data relating to inbound tourism to the UK; so how many people are coming to visit, who they are, and what they do here. I also manage ad hoc research projects to help VisitBritain's teams around the globe better engage with travellers and attract them to the UK, as well as keeping track of economic and consumer trends, particularly in the Asia region. It's a really interesting and varied job, and it feels good to provide important insights to so many people. 

How did your UCL degree help you get to where you are now?

I was always confident that my degree from UCL would be a strong part of my CV. UCL is a well-known and established university, and the Psychology course in particular does a lot to prepare students for the world of work. When I was interviewing for internships, as well as my first job, I was able to talk a lot about the experiences I had studying Psychology at UCL and how they were relevant to a career in market research. During the course I also learned a lot of skills that were helpful in my career; like public speaking, data analysis, statistics and critical thinking.

What would be your advice for current students?

Aside from making sure you keep up with the course and do the extra reading, I would say trying to build up your CV early. I definitely recommend doing an internship during one of your holidays in a career path you're interested in. If you're really struggling to get experience, try to find an opportunity to volunteer. But while you're at university, jump into student life as much as you can - meet people and break out of your comfort zone! It's a special time to get to know yourself and meet people who will influence the person you'll become.