UCL Psychology and Language Sciences


Jonas Ivinskis - BSc Psychology and Language Sciences

Jonas Ivinskis studied BSc Psychology and Language Sciences and graduated in 2017.

Jonas Ivinskis

Why did you decide to study Psychology and Language Sciences?

When applying for courses, I already knew that I wanted to study and learn more about psychology. It has been a topic that always interested me but I also knew that understanding more about the process of language learning appealed to me greatly. For this reason, I thought the Psychology and Language Sciences degree was ideal as it allowed me to delve more into the topic of psychology but also provide a thorough understanding of linguistics and speech science. 

What are you doing now?

At the end of my three enjoyable years at UCL, I decided to jump into a commercial job at AlphaSights, a knowledge research partner for consultants and investors. In this job, I help clients understand different industries by researching these markets and speaking to the relevant experts. The topics I cover are very diverse and can range from healthcare in the Middle East to the satellite industry in California.

How has your degree helped in your further career?

The Psychology and Language Sciences degree involves learning about a lot of diverse topics. After a while, it became easier to learn about new ones. This is a skill that is very valuable in my current workplace where I need to understand topics quickly to be effective.