UCL Psychology and Language Sciences


Chloe Bracegirdle - BSc Psychology and Language Sciences

Chloe Bracegirdle studied BSc Psychology and Language Sciences and graduated in 2015.

 Chloe Bracegirdle

Current job title: DPhil in Experimental Psychology
Current employer: Oxford University

Why did you decide to study Psychology and Language Sciences?

When deciding on my university course I first considered studying just psychology - at the time I fancied becoming a clinical psychologist. However, I was not certain, and wanted to keep my options open. Thus, a course that combined three subjects - psychology, speech sciences and linguistics - seemed perfect for me. I would have the BPS accreditation to continue in clinical psychology if I desired, and I would also gain a wider range of knowledge that would broaden my options after university.

What are you doing now?

 I really enjoyed the research components of the BSc Psychology and Language Sciences, and consequently decided I wanted to stay in academia. To that end, after completing my BSc I moved to Oxford University where I first did an MSc in Psychological Research and am now completing a DPhil in Experimental Psychology. My DPhil research examines how contact between members of different ethnic groups reduces prejudice.

How has your degree helped in your further career?

 I would not be where I am now without the research experience and knowledge I gained during my BSc. In fact, even now I often look back at my notes from my UCL statistics classes to help me with data analysis!