NIHR Obesity Policy Research Unit at UCL



Meet the team

Our vision

  • To provide the evidence needed to help government deploy policy to reduce the prevalence and burden of obesity and its comorbidities across the life-course
  • To work with world-class researchers from a broad range of backgrounds
  • To work effectively with patient and public representatives
  • To use cutting-edge methodologies

Our work is carried out across four workstreams

Lifecourse prevention and weight management 

Led by Russell Viner and Oliver Mytton at the Institute for Child Health (UCL)

Behavioural science

Led by Andrew Steptoe and Clare Llewellyn at the Behavioural Science and Health (UCL)

Economic circumstances and outcomes 

Led by Rachel Griffith and Britta Augsburg at the Institute for Fiscal Studies

Food systems and policy analysis

Led by Christina Vogel at The Centre for Food Policy at City University