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'Like, innit, literally...' Is 'correct' grammar in decline and does this matter?

4 July 2014

Teachers, grammarians and academics will discuss the current state of grammar and grammar teaching at a conference today.

British Library

The conference, called ‘English Grammar Day 2014’, has been organised by academics at UCL and Oxford University, and takes place at the British Library.

Professor Bas Aarts (UCL English Language & Literature), who co-organised the conference, said: "English Grammar Day 2014 at the British Library is a first for the UK. It brings together teachers and English language experts to discuss how English Grammar should be taught in our schools. On the day an exciting new website for teachers called Englicious will be launched."

Co-organiser Professor Charlotte Brewer, Faculty of English Language and Literature at the University of Oxford, added: "Our speakers will discuss whether schools should discourage students from using ‘like’and ‘innit’ or whether they serve some useful purpose. The teaching of grammar in schools has lately divided opinion among politicians, teachers, linguists and journalists, and we will ask how teachers reconcile their own pragmatic views on what works in the classroom with the directives from the Department of Education."

The conference has been organised by Professors Aarts and Brewer, in association with the British Library. Speakers include leading authorities on language David Crystal, Dick Hudson, Debra Myhill and John Mullan.



  • British Library (Courtesy of Magnus D on Flickr)