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This site serves as a global gateway for any with an interest in or affected by Batten disease, also known as the neuronal ceroid lipofuscinoses (NCL), or who wish to find out more.

NCL 2020 announcement

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NCL2020 will no longer be held in October 2020NCL2021 is planned for October 2021, at the Washington University in St Louis.

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NCL mutation and patient databases

Summary of mutations and patients by gene

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Diagnosis, diagnostic services, nomenclature and treatments

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Batten disease, treatments and support groups

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Resources for research

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NCL meetings

International meetings and large collaborative research projects

One user reported in Nov 2009 "After scouring the internet for the past few weeks and sifting through scientific journals, personal testimonies, and clinical studies, I continue to return to your NCL website.   At least for me, it is by far the most accessible, user-friendly, and informative site for the layperson that I have found and subsequently used.   Thank you for providing this resource--to the global community, indeed",  and another more briefly in 2012 "I thought your Batten webpage was fantastic".

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