UCL Centre for Nature Inspired Engineering


Nature-Inspired Chemical Engineering Module

The CNIE offers a module on Nature-Inspired Chemical Engineering for 4th year undergraduate and MSc students as part of their Chemical Engineering qualification.

The module is taught by Professor Marc-Olivier Coppens and Dr Yang Lan assisted by CNIE PhD students and PDRAs. It aims to grow an understanding of ways to learn from solutions adopted by nature to solve similar issues in (chemical) engineering problems.

This is done by distilling the fundamental causes behind desirable features in the model natural system, and applying these to the technological system. The module aims to stimulate creativity, and to engage students in coming up with innovative solutions by using the chemical engineering “toolbox” with a fresh pair of eyes.

As part of the module, students work in teams to develop a solution to an engineering problem using the Nature-Inspired Engineering methodology. They present their work at various points throughout the course in written and oral presentations, receive feedback, and complete the course with a report in the form of a brief project proposal.