UCL Centre for Nature Inspired Engineering


SA1.1 Ultra High Speed Camera (Photron)

The Photron FASTCAM SA1 will meet the imaging requirements of the most demanding applications in research and development due to its unrivaled sensitivity, speed and resolution. 


The FASTCAM SA1 uses the latest CMOS sensor to achieve sensitivity and speeds previously unattainable. With a top speed in excess of 600,000 fps (frames per second) and with true 12-bit dynamic range, the FASTCAM SA1 once again establishes Photron as the true leader of high speed imaging innovation.

With a global shutter operating independently of the frame rate selected; from 1/60th of a second to 1μs, and with the dead time between sequential frames less than a microsecond, the FASTCAM SA1 provides everything, yes, everything, even an SDI output as standard, that true high speed users demand.

• 1,024 x 1,024 pixels @ 5,400 fps
• 832 x 608 pixels @ 10,800 fps
• 640 x 480 pixels @ 18,000 fps
• 512 x 512 pixels @ 20,000 fps
• 256 x 256 pixels @ 67,500 fps
• 256 x 16 pixels @ 500,000 fps
• 64 x 16 pixels @ 675,000 fps

Variable Region of Interest (ROI)
Capture 12-bit uncompressed data
One microsecond global shutter 
Composite and SDI video output for real time monitoring during set up, recording and playback
Phase lock to IRIG/GPS