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Photonic Professional 3D Printer (Nanoscribe)







The Nanoscribe Photonic Professional 3D Printer is an important tool for the fabrication of 2D and 3D structures on millimeter, micron and sub-micron scales.  Unlike conventional 3D printing, the Nanoscribe 3D printer fabricates structures via "direct laser writing", which utilises the concept of "two-photon polymerisation" for printing of high-resolution 3D objects with high quality surface finish.

The Nanoscribe 3D printer located in UCL Chemical Engineering offers a flexible approach towards fabrication of high resolution structures.  Specialised objective lenses, photo-polymerisable resins and sample holders allow for printing of structures from micron and sub-micron scale to as large as multiple centimetres in size.  Structures may be printed on silicon or glass, and can be removed from the underlying substrate if required.  Nanoscribe's bespoke software enables user-friendly processing of CAD-based designs for generation of high-quality structures to the desired specification.

Structures generated from the Nanoscribe 3D printer have been employed for fabrication of micro-optics, quantum dots, photonic-integrated circuits, biological scaffolds, nanolattices, micro-lenses and micro-robotics.

More information regarding this insrument to be updated soon, for more information contact Dr Han Wu by Email: han.wu@ucl.ac.uk or by Tel: +44 (0)20 7679 0491.