UCL Centre for Nature Inspired Engineering


Han Wu and Nidhi Kapil from CNIE interviewed by Shimadzu

3 November 2022


Dr Han Wu (CNIE lab manager) and Dr Nidhi Kapil (CNIE PDRA) were interviewed by Shimadzu to discuss how GC is used for various research projects at UCL Centre for Nature-Inspired Engineering (CNIE) and within UCL Chemical Engineering Department.

The main aim of Nidhi's research work is to design a stable yet selective catalyst to produce propylene oxide from propylene via a greener and simple route. The project takes a multiscale approach, integrating nano- (active site), meso- (porous catalyst architecture) and macroscale (reactor) efforts, to address the challenge of producing a better propylene oxidation catalyst.

The interview highlighted the close collaboration between CNIE and instrument manufacturers to support research activities in the department.

A shortened version of their interview, and a PDF of the full interview, can be found on the Shimadzu website here.