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Paper on fractal injectors to intensify liquid-phase processes is out

16 April 2021

Our new article on "Fractal injectors to intensify liquid-phase processes by controlling the turbulent flow field" has just appeared in Chemical Engineering Science.


Our work demonstrates the origin of the improved mixing for liquid injectors with intermediate fractal dimensions (D=2.6 being better than either D=2 or D=3), due to enhanced entrainment by mutually interacting double toroidal vortex pairs and turbulent mixing.

This has important implications on reaction performance, with the advantage of easy scalability thanks to the self-similar design. This work is the result of an excellent collaboration of teh CNIE with Professor Jiajun Wang at Zhejiang University. Detailed fluid dynamics simulations, analysis and experiments (with particle image velocimetry) based on 3D-printed fractal injectors were carried out by our joint former MSc student, Shuxian Jiang, who is joined us at UCL as PhD student in autumn. You can read the paper here (link viewable for free for 50 days).

Congratulations to Shuxian for an outstanding job!