UCL Centre for Nature Inspired Engineering


Inspire Summer School 2019

The Inspire Summer School was run in collaboration with the Engineering Development Trust for thirty female A-Level students to provide them with an understanding of what chemical engineering is and what a career in chemical engineering might entail.

Over the course of three days, they attended lectures about chemical engineering including talks by the Deputy Head of the department, and the CNIE’s PhD student Halan who spoke about her journey into Chemical Engineering undergraduate and postgraduate studies at UCL. The students also participated in lab demonstrations within Nature Inspired Chemical Engineering (NICE) and the EIL (Electrochemical Innovation Lab). CNIE PhD students Nidhi Kapil and Halan Mohamed demonstrated the synthesis of gold nanoparticles using electrochemical techniques and their application in catalysis, and how a 3D nanoprinter can be used to create patterned surfaces for membranes.

A number of these students were so inspired by this lab demonstration that they presented this work at the end of the summer school. Hopefully, these talented students can become part of the new generation of engineers to help solve our Grand Challenges, perhaps even through the use of NICE!