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'Sequel', is a collaboration between UCL Museums & Collections and Slade School of Fine Art.

A response to the old masters by current Slade students:

Emma Connor, Patricia Delgado, Erin Gutierrez, Andrea Greenwood, Hyo Myoung Kim, Janne Malmros, Junko Otake, Stephanie O'Connor, Kate Keara Pelen, Ryan Riddington, Alex Springer, Patricia Townsend, Amanda Wasielewski, Jayne Wilton


Bird Tree
by Hyo Myoung Kim Relates to:

shows the contrast of life ... very inspirative and beauty ... Wonderful image...very nice animals indeed! Nice pastel image! Sue It's so hypnotic! Beautiful print! Yay birds! I'd like to take the shape of a bird, too. Maho this is so lovely! wow - just amazing! I like the whole set! this is a BEAUTIFUL piece :) Very appealing and artistic. The tree branches seem to touch the sky idea about the bird I'd only be guessing, wonderful tree though Painterly and gorgeous, Trish. Instant fave. Beautiful pose! Beautiful! gorgeous bird! wow thats really pretty those are my favorite colors. Ops, great detail the bird on the top! I like this composition, fantastic forms of branches Wow! This one is really super! handsome chap, with a beautiful pose!! ~ ed Beautiful detail and color -- great shot! fantastic!! awesome colored sky. great find! Hello pretty birdie! really nice lovely passing. very very beautiful!!!! perfect siluete This is a very interesting photo. I reckon it would look great printed on canvas. I love the texture. Love this composition - the birds really add to it too. Outstanding. Beautiful!!!!! I really like this shot.. The single branch becomes part of the subject along with the bird. Nice composition. great finding....fabulous composition... That actually looks really good excellent contrast fabulous Stunning. This is REALLY good! MC !!This is SUPER COOL!! great piece... Superb! love this "eye"from you..amazing again!! nice light.....excellent work !!!!!!!!!!!! This is excellent! thanks buddy. i really like this one too. i love the lighting...very dramatic! This is the better shot ! The 'blank space' makes it more intriguing ! Nice bird :) Very beautiful bird. What kind is it? I really like the variations. They look great together. Wow, This is so very wonderful !!! very nice, This shot is wonderful I love it! nice work! Beautiful, I love the tree. Absolutely stunning image! Perfection !!! Excellent. Beautiful one here Beautiful and magical too that's so pretty! i love it! I love your bird tree. wow this is a neat pic - where's it at? Very cool! Waw ! This shot is perfect. Perfect composition and the fine view on the bird .... A beauty! wonderful composition!! I like the space on the right top, birds are placed in a perfect position and beautifully combined with the tree! ;-) great capture! Superb capture !! Excellent ! Lovely little bird... Wow!! Spectacular……♥ oh my god this is gorgeous!! wow, dynamic!! Oh, good eye. The blooms look really pretty too. LOL wonderful!!! Wow this is amazing!! love love love! Very pretty tree and nice capture of the bird. fabulous! just great, love it coool pic Nice picture I like it. It's charming = ) That's gorgeous! It looks...antique. Beautiful what an expressive tree and still serving others...Terrific shot! Great Image !!!!!! Excellent. Tender in a way the others aren't. thisis freaking awesome:) this series is great! i really like it too great job That's makes for a very interesting image! great and cool effect! Great composition. Balance is easy on the eyes. Very ingenious. Love the result. that is different, i like! stunning ! Great spotting. Very cleverly composed. I like it very pretty. looks like a nice day, too. Yes please, more days like this! What a sweetie! cute ..! So nice!!!!! Lovely colours!!!Fave! Well done. This is one of my favorite trees. That bird fits the mood perfectly. I love this design. Very simple but very effective. This is turning out so great! Love the colors and leaves. Oh my I want that on my wall!! Cool picture. Simple but Superb! Excellent well made and attractive. R Excellent rendering! wonderful place!!! Lovely art Bellissima,Very good..!! What a beautiful pic!! Wonderful!! my friend!! Oh, this is fantastic!!! Wow! Brilliant in more ways than one. Gorgeous! Lovely picture. exquiste! what a classic painting beautifully simple this is just gorgeous! Neat catch! yeah i like it :0 Nice! Poetic. Just wonderful....... Nice effect Very interesting image! i like this kind of pictures, yours is very beautiful Beautiful! Love the background! intriging Tree, Birds... Hmmm...preteeeeeeee BIRD...preeeeteee bird ehaha... Peace and life very good (= looks soo peaceful :) poetical image! Beautiful texture on this!!! i love the softness of this one. a visual haiku...splendid ! Awww, that is so sweet, Tes! Lovely image! Very pretty. beautiful masterpiece Magnificent! Wonderful. i love it my friend! The shape of the tree is very intriguing. Perfect non colours in color well done! very impressing and deep Great texture, great mood. nice graphic Great color! I agree - the color is great! Beautiful job. Idyllic... so lonely yet beautiful <3 Such a fantastic look to this - the colors are wonderful. Beatiful instant. This is nice. Very original perfect work, very magic! Whoa! Dude... just.... DUDE! Wow. Love the shape of this tree. Interesting capture! What a wonderful shot! Such a beautiful bird. this is so clean, very nice ... love it!! wah... little birdy!! lovely >< Lovely tones. Wow! Very pretty and artsy. Simple but beauful! I like it I did find the bird there!!! oh how beautiful i love the colors wonderful! has an illuminated manuscript feel! Wow Dottie - this is gorgeous!! I like the balance of visual interest and simplicity of design--it's almost meditative to look at. Very pretty. Nice bird :) Nice composition of a pretty bird. this is wonderful. it just glows with life. Sometimes i need that kinda shoot to go along with my emotional loneness .Anyway very nice shoot ! :) the bird makes it...a little visual surprise great simplicity! simply beautiful work my friend! I like it. Very delicate and simple. (meaning not too cluttered). Perfect. everything seems to be glowing & shining in luminous colors tracey!! Super painterly!!!! Gorgeous and ultra cinematic. Beautiful work, my friend!!! :) Gorgeous capture of this beautiful wee bird:-))) fine colours, very pretty bird! Ciao lovely tree! Don't you love when something like that happens! what a wonderful picture. The color is outstanding. Great job. mmm. i love this. Lovely and interesting image Nice work. Love the contrast. how odd.. nice picture. An oldie but a goodie!! Wonderful shot... so minimal. so good. really like this pic,nice view and colour. This looks like it could be in a story book..... lol, hope they were singing nicely! Very nice look,,,,i like the birds,,,,more interesting when you can't tell what kind they are this is really pretty...a fine composition..the colors are fantastic...looks like art! I think it looks great, wouldn't change a thing. ooooo the bark texture and the bird are just wonderful Very, very nice. It all works. one better than the other pic. I like the treatment! I like this effect also. It looks very good with the scene. Nice job. wow! nice work! See? It was meant to be. the bird is cute.. Fantastic shot! Congratulations! Oh my! Like this picture. Very interesting effect you’ve made here. I give you ++, it inspired me, thank you Very interesting treatment, great shot! Gorgeous thats nice Neat. Very beautiful and calm... Great!!! Great!!! Great!!!!!! Outstanding !!!! lovely-I like the composition of this. This is ART!  

Bird in a Tree against a Gold Ground
watercolour against a gold ground
circa 1800

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Anonymous, Bird in a tree against a gold ground

Bird sitting on a tree is a timeless subject for image making. We are still attracted to birds sitting on trees and capture them as images. The collected scrolling text is a selection of comments on contemporary images with birds and trees on a popular image sharing online community.

Hyo Myoung Kim
Fine Art Media (MFA)

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