UCL Art Museum holds a number of prints, drawings and books relevant to the teaching and learning of anatomy and the body in art. The collection has a number of exceptional drawings pertaining to the history of medical illustration and artistic anatomy, including works by Joseph Lister (‘father of modern antisepsis’), Charles Bell (Professor of Surgery, who gave the opening address at the Medical School in 1828) and Henry Tonks (Surgeon and Slade Professor). Early modern works in the collection include prints from an English edition of Albinus’ Tabulae Sceleti et Musculorum Corporis Humani (1749) and drawings by Old Masters such as Peter Paul Rubens. The collection also has late nineteeth and twentieth-century prize-winning life drawings by Slade students. Possible themes to pursue in your teaching include anatomy training at the Slade, artists in the dissecting room and the representation of the body in art and anatomical illustration.

This resource contains detailed label text for a focused number of prints, drawings and books. Label text includes artist, title, medium, date and descriptive information regarding the object. There is also suggested reading and related works in the collection which you could consider.

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This resource has been put together by Krisztina Lackoi, Tom Cowie and Erin Schuppert . Photography has been completed by Mary Hinkley and Tony Slade, UCL Media Services. All rights are reserved by UCL Art Museum, University College London.

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