17 Inside the Chest – Showing the Internal Thoracic Artery

Title: Inside the Chest – Showing the Internal Thoracic Artery

Artist/ Source: Joseph Lister (1827-1912)

Date: circa. 1850 (signed lower left corner “J.L. 2nd mo 3rd 1850”)

Medium/ Technique: Black, white and red chalk with ink inscriptions

UCL Art Museum #4800


Before turning to the forearm in March of 1850, Lister examined the inside of the chest. This is the darkest and most dense of his drawings, also the most aestheticized, pattered by the repetition of the ribs inside the chest.

The perspective taken is from beside the horizontally lain dissected caver. The foreshortening of the set of ribs furthest from the artist’s point of view is unconvincing, as the ribs do not appear parallel and Lister seems uncertain as to whether to render them schematically or realistically.

Translation of Accompanying Key

  1. Internal …pulmonary(?) artery
  2. Musculopulmonis branch of the ****(?)
  3. A perforating branch
  4. X Ateria intercostals (?) branch
  5. An intercostal nerve grouping (?) or (?) the internal mammary
  6. Triangularis interni (?) muscle
  7. Part of the rectus abdominus turned out showing the internal mammary gap…(?) branch of the secondi triangularis
  8. Intercostal muscle
  9. Intercostal (?)
  10. Cartilage of 8th rib
  11. Cartilage of 1st rib

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