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Koptos, the temple of Min

The main temple of Koptos was already heavily destroyed by the time Petrie started his excavations. Petrie could only record some important features of the Ptolemaic-Roman temple, which show that the building was at least at this time a double temple, dedicated to Min and Isis, who was at Koptos the wife of Min. From the temple of the New Kingdom Petrie could only trace the outlines, while from the earlier temples only single blocks and elements were found. However, there is a series of reliefs belonging to king Nubkheperre Intef (17th Dynasty), and there are important objects (colossi statues, figures of lions) of the pre-and early dynastic period, showing the importance of the temple at that time. Reconstructions on Digital Egypt focus on these periods. All these reconstructions are highly hypothetical, but based on contemporary parallels from other sites in Egypt.

The Temple in Pre- and Early Dynastic Periods

reconstruction after Kemp 2000
alternative reconstruction
Koptos temple, 3d reconstruction Koptos temple, 3d reconstruction

The Temple in the Middle Kingdom and Second Intermediate Period

the archaeological evidence

Koptos, relief of Senusret I Koptos, relief of Intef V

two reconstructions of the temple of the 17th Dynasty

Koptos, reconstruction of the Koptos temple Koptos, reconstruction of the Koptos temple

stela of king Rahotep | plan of the structures excavated by Petrie


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