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Koptos, the temple in the 17th Dynasty

Petrie found many reused blocks in the foundations of the later temple. Many of them belonged to a building of king Nubkheperre Intef . Many of the reliefs bear his name. The blocks come from at least seven walls (three walls with sunk relief and four walls with raised relief - there are four edges of a left corner). Assuming that the chapels were decorated on the in and outside, there must have been at least two of them.

It is not possible to reconstruct a building from the fragments with any certainty.

The following types of reliefs have been found:

Fragments of a gateway (sunk relief)
fragments of other gateways (sunk relief)
fragments from three walls (sunk relief)
fragments of raised relief, from at least three scenes on walls
reconstruction of the temple
Koptos, relief fragment
Koptos, relief fragment
Koptos, relief fragment
Koptos, relief fragment
Koptos, Second Intermediate Period

See comments on reconstructions in Digital Egypt

Two further fragments are now in Berlin (Berlin 12486 and 12487): Roeder 1913: 137


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