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Koptos in the Middle Kingdom (about 2025-1700 BC)

Blocks found at Koptos with the names of Amenemhat I and Senusret I show that both kings built at the Min temple. Several blocks of Senusret I belong to a decorated gateway. Senusret I rebuilt and renovated many temples in Egypt. Koptos is one of them.

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temple of Amenemhat I
temple of Senusret I
UC 14785
a reconstruction of the temple
UC 14786
king in the sed festival garment
UC 14785, relief with Amenemhat I, Koptos
Koptos, reconstuction of the temple in the Middle Kingdom UC 14786, relief of Senusret I, from Koptos UC 16851
Stewart 1979: 13-14, no. 55, pl. 12
Stewart 1979: 14, no. 56, pl. 39; Lyon 2000: 65, no. 18
Stewart 1979: 16, no. 73, pl. 14.1

UC 28880 Scarabs of the Middle Kingdom and Second Intermediate Period UC 2304
Inscribed faience vessel


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