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Thutmose I (about 1504-1492 BC)

King of the Eighteenth Dynasty, one of the most important rulers of the New Kingdom. The relation of Thutmose I to his predecessor is not known, but it seems that he was not the son of Amenhotep I. His mother was a woman called Seniseneb, also of unknown origins. The king campaigned in Syria, a policy of special importance because, whether intentionally or not, it opened up relations with the states in the Near East on a larger scale than before. The campaigns of the king tino Nubia led to its effective conquest and incorporation into the Egyptian state. Building activity for the king is attested throughout the country. A 'treasury' (store for valuables) at Karnak is among the better known monuments of the reign, because it has been fully published.

Horus name: Kanakht Merymaat
Nebty name: Khamnesretnebetaapehti
Golden Falcon name: Neferrenputseankhibu
Prenomen: Aakheperkare
Nomen: Thutmose

Burial place: Rock cut tomb in Thebes (Valley of the Kings tomb 38 - this is the tomb prepared for him by his grandson Thutmose III - his original tomb may be tomb 20)

UC 11965 Faience plaque (click on the image for a larger picture)
UC 14795 door jamb from the Seth temple at Nubt (Naqada)


The king mentioned on monuments of private persons:



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