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Amenhotep I (Amenophis I) (about 1525-1504 BC)

Second king of the Eighteenth Dynasty. In many respects he completed the work of Ahmose in redeveloping the country. A campaign against Nubia is attested. The building activity of the king concentrated on Thebes (calcite shrine in Karnak), but is also attested at other places such as Abydos and Elkab.

Horus name: Kauwaftau
Nebty name: Aaneru
Golden Falcon name: Wahrenput
Prenomen: Djeserkare
Nomen: Amenhotep

Burial place: Unknown, most probably Thebes

Attestations in the Petrie Museum:

faience cartouche UC 11895

Further Attestations:

In Thebes Amenhotep I and his mother Ahmes-Nefertari were worshipped as local deities.

stela from Thebes
UC 14211



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