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Some scholars consider Narmer as belonging to 'Dynasty 0' (kings attested on contemporary sources and thought to be earlier than the First Dynasty), though most scholars consider him to be the first king of the First Dynasty (maybe identical with the legendary king Menes, known from later sources as the founder of Egypt).

Attestations in the Petrie Museum:

tomb 414

seal impressions

tomb 414

inscription on jar

tomb 1702

uncertain reading on jar

seal impression

UC 16083
UC 16084
UC 35688, found at Abydos, exact location unknown

Seal impression from Abydos, exact findspot unknown; reconstruction of the whole seal (compare Dreyer 1986a; Kaiser 1986)

UC 36981 UC 36981, reconstruction

Further important attestations:

The name of the king has been found on objects at several sites in South Palestine.



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