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Seal impressions found in
Tarkhan Tomb 414
(Petrie 1913: 9, pl. II, 1-4)

UC 16077 gives the name of king Narmer (Dynasty 0 or Dynasty 1)
Kaplony 1963: abb. 25

UC 16077, seal impressions


UC 16078 gives the (destroyed) name of a king or institution (Dreyer 1992: Abb. 3a/b, note 4)

UC 16078, seal impression

The other impressions of this seal are in several collections:
Brussels E. 4652; Manchester 5455; New York 12.187.36; Oxford 1910.572. Dreyer 1992: passim, interprets the crocodile as kings name: Crocodile; Kaplony 1963: 18.


This seal impression is in Cambridge Fitzwilliam Museum E.185.2.1912; Kaplony 1963: abb. 34


the seal impression is now in Bristol, H 3605; Kaplony 1963: 35B


The exact findspot of the seal impressions within the tomb is not mentioned by Petrie.

Further reading: Kaplony 1963: 64-65


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